The surveys in Manchester are targeting 40 different sites that were selected using a Maxent model as described in a previous post. Some of these sites have been dropped from the survey. Broad EES Dole will not be visited as there are actually already regular sightings of stock dove recorded on Manchester Birding. Some of the sites around the North of the River Irwell will also be dropped as it is clear that stock dove are heavily present in this area.
Northenden Golf Course has also been replaced with Merseybank Playing Fields after reexamining the model. Didsbury Golf Course has also been dropped as permission has not been given to survey this site.

The surveys are planned to include 2 visits to each site with a total of 5 minutes spent on the site per hectare. Each hectare of each site will be visited.

As of the 11th April I have surveyed 21 sites and found stock dove on 7 of those sites. The sites that stock dove have been found are:

Site Survey Date Number of Stock Dove
Broadoak Park 2nd March 1
Platt Fields Park 22nd March 3
Merseybank Playing Fields 10th April 1 (flyover)
Wythenshawe Sports Ground 10th April 2
Birchfields Park 22nd March 2
Chorlton-Cum-Hardy Golf Course 9th April 1
Hough End Playing Fields 8th April 1

I have also seen a stock dove on the Fallowfield Loop around Bethnel Drive Allotments.

Stock dove have not been found on the following sites:

Site Survey Date
Clayton Vale 9th March
Brookdale Park 9th March
Queen’s Park 14th March
Broadhurst Park 14th March
Newton Heath 14th March
Silverdale Country Park 17th March
Brookdale Golf Course 18th March
Philip’s Park 18th March
Gorton Reservoirs/Debdale Park 25th March
Willow Grove Cemetery 25th March
Mersey between Wilmslow Road and Mersey Vale Nature Park 6th April
Gosjac A.C. Fishing Ponds 6th April
Highfield Country Park 9th April
Cringle Park 9th April