Current Stock Dove Distribution

There are currently several records available of Stock Dove sightings in Manchester. Records have been put together from these two sources:

  • Manchester Birding Forums contains posts from members of all birds seen at a site.
  • eBird is an app that allows users to create tick lists of species at hotspots (or at personal locations).

The other source of distribution records is British Trust for Ornithology’s surveys, their data can be viewed online using Bird Track. Their records of Stock Dove show a very similar range to that obtained from Manchester Birding and eBird.

Predicted Stock Dove Habitats

Looking at the environment of the sites that Stock Dove have historically been seen at, a model was then produced using Maxent which helped to predict where else in Manchester might have a suitable habitat for Stock Dove.

The environmental factors that were considered were:

  • Proximity to water
  • Proximity to woodland
  • Land use of site
  • Category of land (woodland, open grassland, etc)
  • Size of land parcel for the category
  • Land management type (park, cemetery, golf course, etc)

These factors were obtained using open data sets:

Stock Dove in Manchester
Distribution and predicted distribution of Stock Dove in Manchester

Looking at historical data also highlights some locations that do not have a recent sightings. On top of the new sites some of these locations will also be visited to see if their are still Stock Dove present.

Stock Dove Sightings by Location and Year
Historical Stock Dove sightings by site and year

Survey Sites 2019

For the months of March, April and May the following sites will be surveyed for the presence of Stock Dove:

  • Broadoak Park
  • Gorton Reservoirs
  • Clayton Vale
  • Salford Sports Village
  • Highfield Country Park
  • Broad EES Dole
  • Platt Fields Park
  • The Cliff/Kersal Dale
  • LIVIA Silverdale
  • Tom Husband Leisure Complex
  • Buile Hill Park
  • Northenden Golf Course
  • Blackley Forest
  • Didsbury Golf Course
  • Philips Park, Clayton
  • Fog Lane Park
  • Wythenshawe Sports Ground
  • Bolton Road Playing Fields
  • Newton Heath
  • Mersey between Wilmslow Road and Mersey Vale Nature Park
  • LIVIA Forest Bank
  • Broadhurst Park
  • River Tame East of Reddish Vale
  • Manchester Ship Canal near Trafford Centre
  • Near Ashcroft Bridge over Irwell
  • Gosjac A.C. Fishing Ponds near Mersey Vale Nature Reserve
  • Birchfields Park
  • LIVIA The Nursery
  • Willow Grove Cemetery
  • Queen’s Park
  • Chorlton-Cum-Hardy Golf Course
  • Brookdale Golf Course
  • Ashton Moss
  • Boggart Hole
  • Weaste (Cemetery and WTW)
  • Northern Cemetery
  • Hough End Playing Fields