Stock Dove are a similar size to a feral pigeon but without the large black bands across wings. They have an iridescent bottle green band on the back of the neck and a pink chest. Unlike feral/rock pigeons, Stock Dove do not have a pale rump.

Stock Dove can be found in mixed flocks with wood-pigeons. They’re smaller than a wood pigeon and without the white wing and neck markings.

Half of the european population of Stock Dove is found in the UK.

Stock Dove
Stock Dove by Chris Cant - Flikr - CC BY 2.0


Their diet is mostly seeds. They also eat fresh buds and leaves. Occasionally they will eat invertebrates. They mostly feed on the ground.


Their nests are usually in tree cavities, particularly secondary cavities in old trees. Stock Dove have also been known to nest in buildings and cliffs. Studies of Stock Dove in Poland have shown that they tend to prefer Beech trees. There are tales of them nesting in rabbit holes. They are the only member of the pigeon family likely to use a nest box. Stock Dove lay their eggs directly on floor of nest site.


Stock Dove were originally thought to be a edge of woodland bird, they now prefer agricultural land with trees nearby and a range of different habitats.

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